Panama Petrochem Ltd.


  • White Mineral Oil
    Panama Petrochem ltd, manufactures white oils from low pour point severely hydro treated base oils, ranging from low viscosity to very high viscosity grades. all products and processes comply to national & international standards and pharmacopoeias such as ip, bp, usp & ep. products are also

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    White Mineral Oil

  • Transformer Oil
    Transformer Oils Manufactured By Panama Petrochem Ltd are from Selected, Severely Hydrotreated Naphthemc & Isodewaxed / Hydrocracked Paraffinic Oils and Naphthenic Oils that are Free from Polar Compounds, Having High Oxidation Stability and Ageing Properties. the Ultra Low Sulphur and Wax Free

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    Transformer Oil

  • Ink Coating Oil
    Panama Petrochem Ltd, under the brand name PANOL, provides a wide range of products for heatset, coldset, offset and web base inks of various grades of Petroleum Distillates with controlled aromatics and boiling ranges. Range includes Naphthenic Oils with desired boiling ranges and viscosity,

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    Ink Coating Oil

  • Rubber Process Oil
    Panama Petrochem ltd, manufactures rubber process oils which are widely used across various industries and are popular as safe and environment friendly products. different grades of superior quality rubber process oils are offered which are used for the manufacturing of various rubber produces,

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    Rubber Process Oil

  • Textile Oil
    Panama Petrochem Ltd, manufactures fine Textile Oils like Panol-KNT and Antistatic Coning Oil known for its various features such as oxidation and chemical stability. They are highly effective in improving antistatic properties as well as reducing friction of machine parts.   PANOL-KNT Panol-KNT

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    Textile Oil

  • Petroleum Jelly

    Application : Skin Protection

    Color : White

    Feature : Good Packaging

    Form : Jelly

    Packaging Type : Plastic Box

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    Petroleum Jelly

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