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Petroleum Jelly And Its Wide Range Of Applications

Posted by Admin on April, 19, 2021

Petroleum jelly is a mixture of waxes and mineral oils, which is semi-solid in nature. The petroleum jelly primarily is used as a topical ointment, that is, it is applied on the skin surface and possesses various healing properties. Petroleum jelly is not only used for its medicinal properties but also for cosmetic purposes.

The discovery of the petroleum jelly dates back to 1859. After Robert Augustus Chesbrough first discovered this product, petroleum jelly has not changed since then. This jelly has inherited all its curable properties from its primary source petroleum.

Petroleum Jelly as Skin Protection

The petroleum jelly possesses top-notch emollient characteristics that make it a very popular base for making skincare products and also helps to keep the skin hydrated. Thus the moisture is retained in the skin. Different benefits of petroleum jelly on the skin surface are--

• It helps in healing minor scrapes and skin burns. Even after any surgery, petroleum jelly soothes the skin and helps in faster repairing of the wound. One should apply the petroleum jelly after cleaning the skin surface, without which any germs or bacteria would be locked inside and result in healing delay.

• Everyday application on the skin after shower softens it and keeps the skin moisturised. Many skin lotions are prepared using petroleum jelly as an ingredient.

• Petroleum jelly works like magic on cracked heels and chapped lips. A lot of persons face these issues during the winter months. Petroleum jelly happens to be an inevitable item for them. This topical ointment is also pretty useful for persons who need to stay in contact with water for a longer time.

• Even for as sensitive skin as babies, petroleum jelly has a great effect. Most babies face diaper rashes which petroleum jelly heals quite faster. It provides a shield for the skin which is being exposed to moisture constantly.

• For persons who put on a lot of makeup every time, petroleum jelly is a great help for removing makeup. Especially for any tough eye makeup, petroleum jelly helps taking out the makeup with help of cotton very easily.

• Dying hairs are a common use nowadays, and getting your fingers stained with the hue is an issue that comes along. Applying petroleum jelly beforehand prevents staining the skin. This also applies to women before painting their nails.

Other Uses

The petroleum jelly acts as a versatile base for many purposes. Petroleum jellies bear formulating consistency that helps using them for other objectives such as product care. It is used as a coating shield for preventing corrosion in items like non-stainless steel blades, metallic trinkets, gun barrels etc. It serves a quite cheaper way of water repellent. It is also used for conditioning leather products, lubricating slide rules and zippers.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Petroleum Jelly

Along with liquid paraffin, rubber process oil and transformer oil, another common product that manufacturers produce, who deals with petrochemical products is Petroleum Jelly. The transactions with these products have a broad dealing area such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary, personal care, automotive, rubber industries etc.

The petroleum jelly manufacturers in India hire professional and highly experienced personnel for carrying out the research and development processes before delivering the products for distribution. The petroleum jelly is colourless and odourless. They are availed in good packaging and various packaging sizes as required by the customers. Nowadays, online purchases are very common, to which the manufacturers and suppliers claim to provide prompt logistic services.

Most of these manufacturers and suppliers are licensed and registered for exporting petroleum jellies. Thus, they not only meet the domestic demands but also keep up a steady supply beyond the national boundaries.

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